Carlos and Jeannette Lopez

Carlos and Jeannette Lopez


Carlos-Milton and Jeannette Lopez have created and directed Christian educational, media, social development and humanitarian assistance programs along the Americas, from Canada to Argentina and also in Spain.
They were the founders, fundraisers and managers of Vive la Verdad, the Hispanic media ministry of Living Truth at The Peoples Church in Toronto, Canada. Through this, they established a network of 700 radio and television stations in 26 Spanish-speaking countries including Canada, USA and Spain.
They are the founders, fundraisers and directors of UniTell International University, through which they have trained around 11,000 Christian pastors and leaders in 12 Latin American and Caribbean countries; 6,000 of them, in Guatemala and 470 in the jungle area of the Peruvian Amazon. They are also the creators of the Action against Poverty entrepreneurship program, helping to establish more than 750 small family businesses in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Colombia, including the Venezuelan displaced population currently in Colombian territory.
Carlos Milton and Jeannette see the church as centers of life transformation for the benefit of the whole society, which is why they have founded, and are the Senior Pastors, of Vivo en Cristo (Alive in Christ) Christian Church in Colombia. Their mission is to help transform Latin America through the actions of the church in Colombia, Venezuela and in all other Latin American and The Caribbean countries.


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